Try Talking About Anything Else Today

Try Talking About Anything Else Today

I was going to write a very interesting post about Moskvitches, GAZes and Ladas today. There is lots to say about the role of class analogues in Soviet society. It was riveting. Then I saw this.

Jaguar, you completely screwed up my carefully planned, closely argued post and I hate you, you bunch of bastards. Who is going to be prepared to read about Homo sovieticus motoris on a day like today? This is the Jaguar C-X16 Concept and is going to appear in a Jaguar showroom near you some time next year as the fabled New E-Type of myth and legend.

The C-X16 has an intriguing drivetrain. It’s front-engined and rear drive and has an eight-speed automatic gearbox which also has a 90-odd bhp electric motor-generator built into it. This combines with the 375bhp, supercharged, direct injection petrol V6 to do uncomfortable things with your innards when you fully depress the accelerator pedal. So, it’s a hybrid. Bit nicer than a Prius or Insight, eh?

Take another look.

If you were to present me with Keira Knightley, naked except for a light slathering of chocolate mousse, I don’t think I’d be drooling more. It has a side-hinged hatch just like an E-Type and those slim rear lights which remind me of an E-… You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?  The quad exhausts and diffuser-doodah are very contemporary expressions of power and motorsport and all that good stuff. See, nothing like a Prius or Insight.

The interior of the C-X16 is redder than a Lada driver’s face on a hot day. Note the gear lever. The rotary knob selector Jaguar is using in the XF, XJ and XK doesn’t make it to the new car. There are paddles to control the gear selection too.  The big red button on the steering column to calls up additional electric power in a racy ‘push-to-pass’ stylee. All very motorsport again.

The performance is zoomy. 0-60mph in not much. The maximum speed is lots. Confusingly, the carbon dioxide emissions are low for the performance. It’s really got that hybrid thing going. You can see it in Frankfurt next week if you’re going or in every magazine and motoring website in the country right now, including this one. Sorry.

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