Men Are Weak

Men Are Weak


I know it's orange, but this is still July

Some people are suckers for pictures of kittens doing cute things. In the last week alone I’ve been tickled by a kitten trying to fight its own reflection in a mirror, another kitten having a bad attack of the mads on a bed and surprised kitty. That last one worried me after a while because I thought the poor wee thing looked terrified. They won’t be trying that tickley shit when it grows up and gets claws which would give them a thorough mauling.

Other people really, really like pictures of boobies. Okay, sometimes the same people who like pictures of kittens doing cute things also like pictures of boobies. Boobies can be cute too, after all. They can have this perky thing going on. Anyhoo. My point is that people like the things they like and other people can make money or gain kudos by providing goods or services to them. YouTube clips of kittens doing the cutest things and pictures of ladies without their bras are only two of them.

Another is the BMW 1-Series M Coupe. evo has one on long-term test. No doubt other mags will get their examples in time. The M Division is building a limited number of them and BMW GB has already sold its allocation. I have to ask myself then why they are running one. I’ve come to the conclusion that men are weak. We are dull and predictable peopleĀ  who like shiny, loud, orange things wearing M badges and we will buy anything which has a picture of them. The 1-Series M comes in two other colours but nobody is going to look at a black or a silver one when there is one of those orange ones knocking around the place.

The best motoring journalism puts the reader into the driver’s seat to share an experience they might not otherwise have. There will probably be as many Ferrari 458 Italias sold in the UK as 1Ms over the next couple of years so this is going to be a rare car and I know that there are lots of enthusiasts who would love to have one to play with for a while. I just wish that we weren’t quite so jackdawish in our attraction to the shiny, the loud and the orange.

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