Three Peaks, Three-Pointed Star

Three Peaks, Three-Pointed Star

Some of the staff from Green’s Gym in Cambridge are doing the Three Peaks Challenge today to raise money for the Variety Club. For those of you who don’t know, the Three Peaks involves climbing the tallest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours. On the Rotter Scale Of Stupid Things To Do it rates about 3.8 where juggling with chainsaws or being a shark’s dental nurse is a 10 and going out without your vest on is 0.1. My friends at Greens will cover about 475 miles by road and 26 miles up and down the mountains. They’re heading up to Scotland today to start at Ben Nevis at oh God o’clock tomorrow morning.

Of course my main thoughts have all been around the wheels they should use. There are five of them – three climbers, someone to look after feeding the crew and a driver. They need a roomy old barge with a long range, lots of luggage space the capability to cruise quickly and quietly between mountains. I like the Mercedes-Benz R-Class for the job. In R350CDI form, it has the legs and range to do the business. It’s the long-wheelbase one with four-wheel drive. It doesn’t have a huge amount of space with the third row of seats in place but that apart, I think it’s ideal.

An E-Class estate would have more luggage space than the R-Class but a bit less leg room. It has a wider range of engines, from a four-cylinder diesel to the mildly deranged 6.2 litre V8 in the E63 AMG. The best balance between performance and economy would probably be the E250CDI which you could have with all sorts of toys to make those 475 road miles easier on the mind, including heated, ventilated and vibrating seats to ease tired climbers’ limbs. It doesn’t have four wheel drive but the chances of getting stuck near any of the mountains at this time of year are not great.

There are other alternatives including the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, BMW 5 series Touring, Audi A6 and Q7. Sadly, I think that the guys are using a Transit minibus. It’s an honourable choice but nowhere near as comfortable over long distances as the Mercs would have been. I know they have a Just Giving page and I’ll post the link when I’ve remembered the URL.

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