Swede Dreams Are Made Of These

Swede Dreams Are Made Of These

Swede Dreams Are Made Of These

I sometimes find it difficult to sleep. I can’t be the only one. I know I’m not, in fact. My Twitter feeds are as alive at three in the morning as they are at three in the afternoon and it’s not just my American friends who are still up and wittering on – Twittering on? – at that time of night. There are the lost, the lonely and the bored as well as the ill or the drunk. There are even some nightworkers who should really be doing something else but find Twitter more attractive than whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing.

When eventually I put my iPhone or book to one side and turn out the light and I’m lying there in the dark, I sometimes think about my current vehicular obsession. It’s been everything from the Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda and Rolls Royce Phantom DHC at one end of the scale through the Porsche 911 and Caterham 7 to the likes of my own Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus and Mondeo at the other. Obsessions needn’t be fantasies, after all. I can drift off to sleep imagining myself behind the wheel on a pootling wee journey to somwhere of no importance to anyone else at all.

Lately I have been thinking quite a lot about the Volvo V60. It was the Podisode which started it. Alex Goy, Jon Quirk and Phil Feather talked about the V60 when it was launched. Alex and Phil also did an economy run to somewhere snowy in the stupidly-named R-Design DRIVe. Or drivE. Or maybe DRIVel. As I said, it’s a silly name. I’ve seen a few dotting around the place as well. It’s begun to appear on the road in small but well-formed numbers. I then saw a black one on the nice 18″ alloys with heavy window tints at Marshall’s on Newmarket Road and I was smitten. The metallic orange paint and Essex tan upholstery in some examples is a trifle sudden but that black one had me hooked. The looks grew on me. The nose looked a bit droopy in the pics I saw. It also looked more like a used soap bar since any car since the Ford Sierra. The real thing is a more urbane and balanced design.

Given that it’s a night-time fantasy, the 300-brake T6 version with four wheel drive is the one to have. I don’t have to deal with the horrific depreciation and late-teen fuel consumption after all. That one is by all accounts not as nice to drive as a BMW 335i or Mercedes Benz C350 estates but I don’t much care. The car taking me off to sleep is a T6 SE Lux with every option ticked on the order form. I’ve just specced it up on the configurator and it comes to just under £44,000 which is quite a lot of cash to spend on a boutique estate car which isn’t quite as good to drive as a BMW. In the real world, the diesels will far outnumber the petrols but the real world is a horrible place where I can’t get to sleep at night. Let’s not go there. Let’s have pleasant dreams of refined, Swedish six cylinder, small estate cars instead.

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