Saloons Are Cooler Than Coupes. Discuss.

Saloons Are Cooler Than Coupes. Discuss.

I was watching the episode of Top Gear broadcast on BBC2 last night. It was the one with the film where Clarkson pretends that a Sierra Cosworth is Belgian and an oompah band causes May’s 190E-16 2.3 to break down and Hammond has an E36 M3 Evo saloon with dubious leather trim and those horrid wooden grab handles on the doors. Oddly enough, I found myself wondering just how much an M3 saloon would cost so I went onto Pistonheads to find out. Not much, as it turns out.

I happen to think that the M3 saloon is cooler than the coupe and I’ll tell you why: it’s rarer and less likely to attract undue attention. So, I’m right and everybody else is wrong. Except I’m not. One of the cars I looked at last night had sold by this morning. Someone else must have been watching Top Gear last night too. Yes, the ‘wooden’ trim is so Cherman it’s probably working out ways to get the trains to run on time, and it’s possible that the four door might be a little more floppy than the two door but an E36 M3 is going to have been thrashed and will be floppy anyway. You won’t be able to notice the difference. And you can get your mates in the back more easily – if you had any mates. Since this is an M3, you probably don’t have mates so much as acquaintances you routinely try to humiliate. Consequently they will quietly trash those back seats to which they have had such easy access. Sorry about that.

I also think that the current 3 Series looks better as a saloon than a coupe. The rear end of the two door has a whiff of the Honda Civics about it. Remember the Civic coupe? The first one? The one the Americans bought for their kids to go to college in? See what I mean? The saloon has a bit more oomph than the coupe, especially in the face- and bum-lifted version we have now.


This is the silly version. It’s called the CRT, short for Carbon Racing Technology. It’s an M3 saloon with the engine from the last limited run M3, the GTS, some carbon bits and bobs including the roof and some bucket seats in the front and rear. It doesn’t matter that it costs far too much money because BMW is only making 67 of them, they’re all sold and none of them are coming to Britain. Sadly, the misanthropic bastards in Britain who buy M3s don’t like the saloon. Idiots. I know the GTS is orange and I have a thing for an orange car but I’d have the CRT over the GTS in a New York second.

Now, would one of you less misanthropic bastards be so kind as to order an M3 saloon with the DCT, in white with black leather interior, please. I’ll be along in 15 years or so to take it off your hands. You can be the cool one in the meantime.

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  1. Agree that the M3 Saloon looks better than the Coupe.

    But I also reckon most estates look better than their saloon counterparts. I’d say the RS6 Avant is a far cooler car than the RS6 saloon, and the same goes for the M5 too. It’s not just uber-estates either, the V60 is much better looking than the S60.

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