Like Keeley Hawes In Lycra…

Like Keeley Hawes In Lycra…

Mean, moody, magnificent, masturbatory fantasies

I love this picture so much I have it as the wallpaper image on my desktop. I showed it to my wife who said, “That’s just pornography.” Who am I to gainsay the woman of my dreams? The picture shows the new Maserati GranCabrio Sport, a tweaked and tuned version of Maserati’s outrageously sexy soft-top. I’ll leave you to have a quiet moment with it on your own.

Ready? Sure? Okay, then.

Maserati has a record of doing sportier, harder-edged versions of its cars. It already has the GranTurismo S and the Quattroporte Sport GT S and intends the new GranCabrio Sport to be a suitable companion to them. Like them, it has a 4.7 litre version of Maserati’s tuneful V8 and a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The engine produces 450bhp and the gearbox has the MC Auto Shift software developed for the Quattroporte Sport GT S. The Skyhook suspension has been retuned to be sportier and the brakes have been uprated.

The extra sportiness continues with some visual tweaks to the front grille (it’s black), the light clusters (some black bits) and the trident in the grille (the accents are bl… sorry red). It has reprofiled side skirts painted the same colour as the body. You can have that body in a new colour, the wonderfully named Rosso Trionfale. Italian names are so much more lyrical than English ones. Triumphal Red sounds so pompous.

Anyway, the changes all combine to giving an already rather glorious motor car a bit of extra appeal. When already very attractive people spend time in the gym, they become even more toned and sculpted and honed. It’s so unfair. The best the rest of us can do is stave off death just a little longer.

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