“It’s Only Half A Car!”

“It’s Only Half A Car!”

I have strange obsessions these days

I blogged a few days ago about the new Morgan 3 Wheeler. I love this thing. It’s full of vim, vigour and vinegar. It has that character thing sussed.I don’t think it’s for everyone, though. I introduced it to my lovely wife as the newest object of my lust and her response was “It’s only half a car!” She’s wrong. It’s at least three-quarters of one, the fun three-quarters.

I was passing near Allon White Sports Cars in Cranfield earlier in the week and dropped in to have a chat about it. They didn’t have any sales material. They’ll have some when they get the launch cars back from Geneva. When they get back to Malvern the cars will be stripped and rebuilt as part of their production engineering process. Allon White won’t get a demonstrator until June. They’re booking test drives for it now, though. I’ve asked them to call me when they get their demonstrator. This is something I have to see for myself.

I was told that they only have four more build slots for 3 Wheelers for 2011 with the next available one in August for September delivery. If you want one of these wonderful-looking little cars before the weather turns completely cruddy, I suggest you get in touch with your dealer PDQ.If you go to Allon White, mention my name and I might get an extra hour or so in their demonstrator. Well, a boy can hope, right?

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