Evoquing Some Emotions

Evoquing Some Emotions

Or maybe provoquing them. Not sure yet. I wrote about the Evoque’s launch last year on my other blog. I said some quite nice things about it, some nasty things about a Land Rover employee and I expressed some fond wishes and worries about the future of Land Rover.

I’m still a little worried by the Evoque. The three door version has been branded the Coupé. I’ll say that again for the sake of the massed ranks of the Land Rover Owners’ Club who have just passed out. The three door version of the new small Range Rover is called the Coupé. Any moment now, the bearded ones will have stopped frothing at the mouth. We’ll give them a chance to catch us up. They’ll have more to rage at when they get to us.

The prices of this small car will not have helped them calm down. The Coupé is of course more expensive than the five door. I wonder what happened to the idea that the more practical version of the car could also be the more prestigious? Anyway, prices start at £27,955 for a five door Pure with a 150bhp diesel engine, two wheel drive and a manual transmission. Somebody give that frothing, bearded man some smelling salts, please. They go all the way up to £44,320 for a three door Coupé in Dynamic trim with a 240bhp petrol engine, four wheel drive, a LUX pack and an obligatory automatic transmission. That’s quite a lot of money. It’s more than the basic price of a middle of the range Land Rover Discovery XS, for example. It’s also a lot more than even the most outrageously over-specified Mini Cooper JCW which Land Rover has mentioned as a rival. An Audi Q5 is less expensive.

It also doesn’t have a whiff of the Beckhams about it. I know I’m being irrational but I still can’t help feeling that Land Rover is somehow letting the side down by giving Victoria Beckham a role as anything other than a motor show dolly. Still, I suppose it will help generate interest among the overpaid and undernourished which will in turn generate profitable sales to fund the development of a proper Land Rover.

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