A Moment Of Relief For Audi Drivers

A Moment Of Relief For Audi Drivers

A while back, I blogged about how each time I first saw an example of a new Audi, it was being driven by a monumental tosser. You can read the post again here. Well, I’ve seen my first A6 and A7 in the past few days and I’m happy to say that each was being driven in an exemplary fashion. The A7 almost didn’t count because it was being driven off the forecourt by its new owner for the first time. He was a man more in thrall to his hairdresser than I think is wise, judging by the amount of product in his hair but he still managed to leave the scene without causing traffic on the Haverhill road to come to a screeching halt. I was able to admire his restrained good taste in motor vehicles. His A7 was a dark metallic on big, big wheels and had the little, tell-tale red flash of the S-Line badge which says the owner cares more for appearance than comfort but it was still a very, very nice way to blow in excess of £50,000. The V6 diesel engine sounded quiet and nothing at all like a Transit van or a Massey Ferguson when it started. I was deeply impressed.

The A6 was actually moving on a dual carriageway. I didn’t recognise the tail lights ahead of me as I came up behind it. I was gaining gently on it and it pulled into the inside lane to allow me past before pulling back out to follow me past a queue of slower moving traffic. That always impresses me. I do the same myself when there is someone moving much more quickly than me but few others seem to bother. I recognised the front of the car quickly enough in my mirrors as I drew away from him. The LED headlights looked very elaborate but the rest of the car’s detailing was quiet, sober and restrained. Again, I was impressed with the way the car was conducted. We both left the A14 at the Stow-cum-Quy turning. The Audi headed off the roundabout towards Quy and I went round to the Cambridge exit. I was impressed once more by decorum of a new Audi.

I like Audis. I always have. They are the automotive expression of German middle class respectability. Everything is in order at all times. It’s good to know that this time that includes first impressions.

Quiet, sober, dignified and not driven like it's stolen

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