You can’t have it.

You can’t have it.

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There. I’ve said it. There is no point in reading on. There is no point in learning anything at all about this unhomologated racing car. You can’t drive it on the road, you can’t race it. You could use it on a track day but you know that someone with a 20 year old 320i and a surfeit of ambition over ability is going to slide into the side of you. 

This 935-alike is Porsche’s birthday present to itself. One of them anyway and they’re building 77 of them. Somewhere under all that extended bodywork is what Porsche calls a near-standard GT2 RS. They haven’t done anything to change the engine or transmission, which are both quite lunatic enough as it is. The original 935 had a manual transmission so things have moved on a little since the 1970s but not much since the end of 2017. 

There are a couple of schools of thought on this. One holds that the GT2RS is enough of a headbanger as it is. It doesn’t seem to be the Widowmaker of sweaty memory but it’s still a wild ride in comparison to a 911 Turbo S. It doesn’t really need any mechanical changes because just look at the fucking thing!

The other is that not to change it shows a lack of commitment to building something really special. The GT cars have become almost commonplace, or would be if you were able to walk into your Porsche dealer and actually buy one. They do not usually limited production runs. Their rarity comes because there is a limit to Porsche’s production capacity when they’re busy churning out Macans and Cayennes by the thousand. Porsche could make a pretty decent living building their SUVS, the GT cars, 911 cabrios for Florida and Cayman and Boxsters exclusively for road tests. 

Me? I like it. It’s a toy. It’s a very expensive toy and a decent homage to the original without being a pastiche. I’d rather that there were more of them and that they were road legal and there was a chance of seeing one in a Tesco car park. If you wanted one and could get onto the buyers’ list and can afford the silly price tag then I’m very, very happy for you. 

I’m a bit pissed off for the rest of us though. 

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